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They say “no man is an island” and the same rule applies when it comes to our security business. When we at Kudos Security looks for ways to enhance our security products, we look for complimentary products and companies that are have already proven their strength and reliability in a tough marketplace.


Flexware Client Management Systems is a company that meets these criteria perfectly … and goes several steps beyond!


Flexware Client Management Systems owners and founders, Gavan and Katrina, have an exemplary business track record when it comes to caring for and enhancing the businesses of their clients and they firmly believe that if their clients succeed, then so do they. This positive philosophy is reflected in their Mission Statement:


“Flexware’s mission is to provide the world’s best software systems in the member management market, while training, supporting and consulting to our customers to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.


Our strategy will deliver on this vision by providing innovative industry specific software systems and complimentary services and products, building strong and enduring customer relationships so that our customers seek us out as a partner.”




Reflecting this commitment to providing the very best industry-specific software solutions for its customers, Flexware has been firmly at the forefront of the development of Industry Best Tools since its inception. Some examples of these include:


1998 Direct Debit Export

1999 Multi-Tiered Reporting Suite

2003 Bulk & Single SMS

2006 Cloud Database Hosting

2007 Direct Debit Integration

2012 Payment Schedule Suite

2013 Security Access Integration

2015 Online Sign On




We all appreciated it when we find a way of doing business that “just works”. We want simple, user-friendly solutions that eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming and frustration-creating double handling. Creating software solutions with the “Do it once, do it right” approach to integration is a major goal and driving force behind Flexware’s products and a major benefit of:



• Payment Schedule to Debit Processing

• Total Security Connectivity

• Failure / Arrears Management

• SignOn Mobility to CMS

• SignOn WebSite to CMS

• Contract File to DropBox to CMS





While some companies hoard their accumulated knowledge, and use it only to make higher profits, Flexware shows its commitment to and appreciation of its valued customers by ensuring it uses its hard-earned buying power to pass on services at the very best price. This is reflected in prices offered by Flexware for:


• POS hardware supplies

• RFID Security Key Tags

• Barcode Member Cards

• Magstripe Member Cards

Security Company preferred suppliers

• Fitness Operational Consultancy

• Support


Flexware Client Management Systems does not employ a “Smash And Grab” approach to business. Gavan and Katrina are not in business just to make a quick profit then move on. Long term relationships are at the very heart of Flexware's Business. They recognise that a fantastic product leads to happy and successful clients, which results in long-term business success all round. In the modern business catch cry, it’s a “Win-Win” situation. To Ensure this situation occurs, Flexware Client Management Systems offers:


• FREE Business Hours Support

• FREE Ongoing Training

• Remote Access via Corporate Teamviewer

• Video Tutorials

• 30min Business Hour Response (avg)


Flexware is also an industry leader when it comes to Direct Debiting. How many times has this aspect of modern business caused headaches, delays, extra work, disgruntled customers and damaged business relationships? Flexware Client Management Systems puts YOU in the driver’s seat when it comes to Direct Debiting. Introducing Flexware Integrated Direct Debit 1999 to your business means YOU are in control, not the Debit Company. YOU make the profit, not the Debit Company.


Reflecting this commitment to put the Direct Debiting power back into the hands of their clients, Flexware is the first Fitness Software provider to offer a fully integrated billing solution. Once again, Flexware ensures:


• YOU are in control.

• YOU set your transaction fees.

• YOU receive anything above the default fee to benefit your business.

• YOU cut out the highly paid middle man.

• This will lead to significant cost savings.

• There will be LESS paperwork and NO double handling.


Not only is this system a simpler and more efficient way to conduct your business, you will find that it very quickly pays for itself.




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