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Flexware Client Management Systems

Full 24/7 Security Integration


The Flexware system manages suspensions, in arrears, multiple visit passes easily and without any double handling of data input. The facility can be linked to your Direct Debit system to allow for NO pay - NO entry.



Remote access to database


Flexware software gives you the capability to access your system from anywhere in Australia or, for that matter, the world. As an owner/manager the bulk of your work is based around reporting and tracking. Sometimes, the most intrusive and inconvenient part of your job is that you need to be on site at the club to access this information. Flexware eliminates that limitation. With this system, all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection and you have full access to all of your records at any time of the day or night. It really is a “Work Smart, Not Hard” solution, saving you the time if would take to travel to and from your business site when you don’t really need to be on site.


Online Member Sign On


Another excellent feature of the Flexware system is the provision of a multi-device member sign-on facility. This can be customised for both in-house usage and usage by your potential members via a link on your website. Direct “Import to Flexware” sees Forms emailed to your member.


High Standard Of Support And Training


During business hours, helpful assistance is available by phone, email or remote access to your computer system to deal with any difficulties, queries or problems you may be confronted with during the course of your business.


Input Into The Development Of The Flexware System


Unlike many brand name software packages that expect their end-user clients to adapt the way they do things to fit the software, Flexware encourages client comment, feedback and input. The ultimate goal is to provide a usable, one-stop-shop software package that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of its clients, so the opinion of those clients is not only valued, it is utilised. The majority of program upgrades can be traced directly back to suggestions from clients.


Free upgrades for the life of the Agreement


Again, unlike many brand name software packages, they don’t charge clients for future system upgrades. Gavan and Katrina are constantly working to make their fantastic software even better, so there will constantly be upgrades and improvements being made to the system. As upgrades become available clients’ systems are automatically upgraded when they first log in after the upgrade is rolled out.



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