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IntelliFITNESS™ is being used around the world by some of the world’s largest multinational gym chains, its flexibility and reliability make it one of the best gym management platforms on the market today. Kudos Security have worked closely with IntelliFITNESS™ to ensure that we can provide one of the best 24/7 integration systems in the world.


With the growing market of fitness centres, many gyms are looking to either extend their open hours or go 24/7 but doing this does have its challenges. In the Past, after installing an access control system, each time a member is added, goes on holiday or cancels their membership, this information needs to be entered into both the gym management software as well as the access control system leading to double the administration costs and increasing the chance of human error.


By integrating the versatile IntelliFITNESS™ software with our access control / automation system, you remove this problem all together. When adding a new member, suspending a membership or cancelling, the information only needs to be entered into the IntelliFITNESS™  software. The information is they sent to the access control system automatically meaning that the two system stay in perfect synchronisation.


Kudos Security Solutions specialise in 24 hour gym conversions around Australia and New Zealand, every aspect of the installation is taken care of by your personal security consultant. Including access control, duress call stations and monitored CCTV.


How much does it cost?


At Kudos Security we are able to offer full 24 hour gym conversions for between $100 and $130 per week, after your company tax deduction. This means that for a small weekly payment, you can heavily reduce staff and running costs, opening your gym up to a new market of members including shift workers. Converting to a 24 hour facility will mean that gym can stay competitive with the growing number of 24 hour gyms coming to the market. The best part is, for most gyms we can do all this without any cash up front.


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