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24 hour gym installation


The time poor are embracing the idea of a healthy work lifestyle balance. Access to a gym outside normal hours, is how a large number of Australians are able to fit a workout around their busy schedule. Around the world, 24 hour gyms have become extremely popular in western countries. In fact, on a per capita basis, Australians have taken to the concept more openly than any other country.  So much so, gyms that offer 24 hour access control facilities to their patrons are thriving.


A 24 hour gym needs to be well equipped, offer showers and clean changing rooms but, most importantly, they have to be secure. Owners of these 24 hour facilities have the responsibility to ensure that all members can work out in a safe and secure environment. The challenge of having a 24 hour gym is to create a fun environment to workout in but still ensure the safety of customers and the physical security of the gym itself.

How much does it cost?


At Kudos Security we are able to offer full 24 hour gym conversions for between $100 and $130 per week, after your company tax deduction. This means that for a small weekly payment, you can heavily reduce your staff and running costs, opening your gym up to a new market of members including shift workers.


Converting to a 24 hour facility will mean that your gym can stay competitive even with the growing number of  gyms coming to the market.


'The best part is, for most gyms, we can do all this without any cash up front.'


How it works


Gyms right across Australia have trusted their facility security to Kudos Security Solutions. From the moment a member swipes their card, our 24 hour building management system comes to life. Power points and machines inside the facility are turned on by the automation system, providing that member access to the gym and then locks the door securely behind them.


This state of the art security system monitors the gym constantly. If a duress button is pushed or an unauthorised entry is made, our monitoring station is immediately made aware of the situation. The facilities CCTV cameras are then brought up for visual verification of the incident by a trained security professional, 24 hours a day, meaning there are unlikely to be any false alarms, and the gym member has the peace of mind that if there is an issue, they can talk to our operator at any time simply by using the duress call station located on the wall in the gym.

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Does it work with my current software?


Keeping track of your members comings and goings as well as payment and progress records is critical to the running of a successful gym. Kudos Security Solutions work with many different software providers to build one complete gym system, not only providing physical security to your gym and members, but also ensuring that only financial members have access to your facilities protecting the profitability of your business.


Below is a list of the current software providers we work with, providing gyms around Australia with complete systems. Click on a logo to learn more about that package.


What are the On-going Costs?


After the initial cost of installation, you will only ever need to have your facility manned at the times  you want to. The cost savings on the salary of a receptionist alone in one year, would pay for the entire 24 hour installation. Financially, it makes good business sence to be a 24 hour facility and keep your costs down, but open your facility up to a new demographic of customer.


As your customer base grows, you will need to purchase more Gym Tokens or Fobs. There will also be occassional system maintenance and remote support that is required that can incurr call out & support fees, however if you continue to purchase your fobs from Kudos Security for the life of your system, remote support during business hours we be free.


There will also be a small monthly fee for the remote monitoring of your system's alarms and distress stations, this cost will be disclosed once we know what your exact needs are.


Contact Kudos-Security Solutions for more information about how we can help you grow your business.




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