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Paxton Access Control ClubWare Gym Integration


ClubWare have recently announced Paxton access control as their recommended 24 hour integrated security system.


After ongoing consultation between the ClubWare and Paxton development teams, a high level of software integration was reached between the two platforms. Each time a new member is added to ClubWare, their information is sent through to the Paxton access control system in real time, this member information is then saved as a user in the 24 hour access control system.


If the member is behind on their payments or cancels their membership, the ClubWare software updates the Paxton system to ensure that only current members have the ability to access the gym after hours. Although a level of integration has been achieved with multiple access control systems in the past, these integrations were always reliant on a CSV file being sent between the two systems. The Paxton integration with ClubWare is achieved through communication between the databases of the two systems. These two databases talk to one another using shared system files which have been developed using the Paxton SDK. This allows ClubWare direct access to the Paxton database to physically write and remove members and share log members visits in real time in both systems.


How much does it cost?


At Kudos Security we are able to offer full 24 hour gym conversions for between $100 and $130 per week, after your company tax deduction. This means that for a small weekly payment, you can heavily reduce staff and running costs, opening your gym up to a new market of members including shift workers. Converting to a 24 hour facility will mean that gym can stay competitive with the growing number of 24 hour gyms coming to the market. The best part is, for most gyms we can do all this without any cash up front.


Kudos Security are a recommended ClubWare integrator in both New Zealand and Australia and are able to help you with every step of your 24 hour gym conversion.  Contact us for more information or download our ClubWare Integration brochure which outlines some of the features we can add to your gym to help improve security and increase productivity.



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