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Platypus EZeMember software has been designed around functionality and versatility. Whether your site is a small studio with a focus on personal training, or a large multi-site fitness centre, EZeMember software will provide you with the tools you need to run your business.  Platypus EZeMember software provides easy quick access to features that help reduce the amount of administration time needed for the daily running of your gym such as members bookings, correspondence history, billing history and ensuring that your members are kept up-to-date with automated letters, emails and SMS messages.


Platypus EZeMember software has a full access control integration which sets it aside from a lot of its competitors. Some gym software companies offer a ‘door controller’ which can be used for 24 hour access, the problem with controllers like these, is that if there are any network issues, issues with the power, on-site computer or internet issues, members will not get into the gym.  The 24 hour system that EZeMember offers is integrated with a full access control and automation system, meaning that no matter what happens, valid members will be able to access the gym. This is done through high level software integration between the access control software and EZeMember where information is sent to the access control system where it is securely stored, guaranteeing access to any valid member. As access control systems were designed with built in redundancies you can be assured that valid members will always be permitted access.


The access control and automation system that is integrated with EZeMember software not only provides reliable 24 hour access but also takes care of the safety of members and the total security of the gym itself.  The attached brochure covers these security and safety features in more detail.


How much does it cost?


At Kudos Security we are able to offer full 24 hour gym conversions for between $100 and $130 per week, after your company tax deduction. This means that for a small weekly payment, you can heavily reduce staff and running costs, opening your gym up to a new market of members including shift workers. Converting to a 24 hour facility will mean that gym can stay competitive with the growing number of 24 hour gyms coming to the market. The best part is, for most gyms we can do all this without any cash up front.

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