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Rapid Deployment Unit, CCTV trailer or trailer-cam.

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Mobile CCTV Trailer

The Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailer is an exciting new development in the provision of security for outdoor locations and events. This compact and self-contained portable security trailer, CCTV trailer or trailer-cam, houses the features of a much larger and more complex and expensive security system including:


• Fixed cameras

• PTZ Cameras

• Motion Sensors

• Panic/duress alert

• Two-way communication

• Emergency Evacuation

• First aid

• Fire extinguisher

• Solar power unit with different options for redundancy

• Mains hook-up

• 2g/3g/4g mobile connection to monitoring centre


The option of solar power makes this CCTV trailer an ideal option for providing a reliable remote security solution for isolated or developing sites, such as building sites to help protect against theft and vandalism. The motion sensors transmit to an off-site monitoring centre, ensuring a rapid response to any situation which may arise protecting the RDU asset from theft and tampering.


The Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailer is also a brilliant cost-effective and simple way to provide high-end security surveillance for special open air events. This portable security solution is ideal for festivals, school fetes, parades/street marches and concerts. With multiple units networked together, a central command centre for the whole event area can be achieved.


Remote CCTV & Communication Trailers teamed with a Security Control Room


Another exciting innovation of the remote CCTV & Communication Trailer is its facial recognition capabilities. When the facial recognition option is included in a package, it can be utilized to make finding lost children a much quicker and simpler process, reducing the stress experienced by all involved. This option does require a central security station to house the servers and provide mains power to the system.


The facial recognition capability is also an invaluable tool when dealing with troublemakers. In many instances, this feature enables trouble to be avoided before it has a chance to happen by assisting security to make a rapid response to potentially difficult situations, as well as saving valuable (and potentially costly) man hours by assisting in the location of persons of interest.


In the event of a medical emergency, specialist medical assistance can be offered via the Rapid Deployment CCTV Utility. Not only does the two-way communication facilities built into the unit offer direct communication with the site, the cameras provide a remote viewing access which could enable specialist medical assistance and advice to be provided long before emergency services vehicles are able to attend the site, potentially making the difference between life and death.



'Built to order - totally customised to your requirements'


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Options Available


We can choose to use different types of security (CCTV) cameras including the latest IP camera technology. Pan, tilt & zoom cameras (PTZ) can be used to provide the ultimate flexible solution allowing people or events to be followed in real-time. High definition cameras assist in the identification and face recognition of subjects.


Motion sensors and built in alarm systems help protect your asset and when the GPS option is included, you can track where your mobile CCTV camera station is located anywhere in the world. Using 3G/4G technology all information captured by the mobile monitoring station is transmitted live to our security monitoring which is manned 24 hours a day actively monitoring all of your security assets.


Return on your investment


A popular option that Kudos Security offer owners of our RDU's is the option to hire their units out when they are not being utilised. Music events, arts and sporting event organisers are looking to use this technology once a year, but they need multiple units to monitor their whole venue.


Kudos Security technicians service and maintain the units before they are hired and before they are returned to their owners, for a small percentage of the hire fees. We arrange and over see the hire of each unit ensuring your initial investment not only is well cared for, but is paying for itself when it is not required for your projects.



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